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Thanks for looking at A Day in Pics Photography. I have been taking pictures for over 30 years now and I always enjoy the sporting aspect of photography and taking portrait pictures such as seniors photos, prom pictures and random shots. A sitting fee is $75, and I will take as many pictures as you would like and download them to this site where you can order them. A wedding starts out as $400 and goes up to $1,500 depending on what you would like to cover. Depending on what you would like done, this will include pictures before and after the ceremony. This will include a CD with all the pictures I took and I will also load them out to this site for family members to order. If you should have any questions please send me an email to rbkccday@gmail.com. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy! COUPON-Free Shipping Code= FREEDAY...If you do not have a credit card and cannot order on-line send me the name of the album and the number of the picture and I will get them for you. My email address is rbkccday@gmail.com

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